Data scientist - Image Analysis, Bordeaux - France

You will be involved in the development of our radio-genomics pipelines project for oncology, specifically in designing the new algorithms to analyze radiological, genomics and clinical data. You will have to adapt the technics to the specificities of each consider pathologies and treatments in order to provide decision-making tools supporting clinical diagnosis and prognosis. You will interact with clinicians and radiologists in order to understand their needs. You will work within the Bordeaux team.


You are motivated, enthusiastic and flexible. You are a team player and have the capacity to work independently on a project to completion. You have a PhD in computer science or applied mathematics with a strong component on statistical learning, including specificity on image processing.

You have

  • Strong competences in C++
  • An experience of modeling tools (differential equations, statistics), segmentation technics and a good knowledge of bio-mathematics.
  • Strong competences in statistical learning.

Starting: as soon as possible.

Location : Bordeaux - France

If you think you fit this position, please send a CV and a cover letter.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

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