Backend Developer

We’re on the lookout for a backend developer – to work primarily with PHP (Symfony and / or Laravel) – who knows how to write sexy but still reusable, testable, and efficient code that improves the robustness, resilience and stability of the system. Can you add even more bite to our backend devs team? Then you might well be who we’re looking for!

The position is full-time, with flexible hours. Working hours are result-oriented at Sleighdogs, which means that each person is responsible for designing their own workflow. Additionally, once you get to know us and our way of working and thinking here in our Prague office, you’ll have the option to work remotely as an when you please. It’ll be up to you whether you’d like to continue working with The Pack in Prague, join our Sleighdogs in Berlin, work at ease from home, co-work from a cafe, or pick your own digital nomad adventure.

Our projects take a few months to complete so you’ll have a chance to work on various ones throughout the year – a tonne of opportunities to learn and grow! All of this in a friendly, flexible, unique, and international working environment.